4 Ways To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Automotive Tyres

Keeping your tyres in good shape is essential for an optimal driving experience. There are some actions you can perform to ensure that your tyres will last as long as possible without having to replace them too often. This article looks at four ways that you can extend the lifespan of your automotive tyres. Check Tyre Pressure Regularly You need to check your tyre pressure regularly because underinflated or overinflated tyres can cause a decrease in fuel efficiency and make them wear unevenly. [Read More]

Top Reasons to Maintain Adequate Tyre Pressure

Car tyres are the point of contact with the road. Therefore, issues to do with braking, speeding, and cornering depend on the condition of your wheels. Pressure is one aspect of a tyre's condition that some motorists ignore. However, it is the last thing you should do because tyre pressure plays a crucial role in car performance. While a mechanic will always remind you to maintain adequate tyre pressure, you don't have to wait for such advice. [Read More]

Key Features to Look for in Industrial Castors

What makes an industrial castor? Answering this question is critical to preventing the purchase of castor wheels ill-suited for their purpose. For example, you might end up with castors that begin to degrade immediately when you put them to use. Industrial castors are not the regular models used in offices and residential furniture. They are specially designed to operate optimally in harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures, exposure to chemicals, heavy loads, and rough terrain. [Read More]

3 Early Signs That Your Car Needs Tyre Alignment

When you hear clunking noises while pressing down on a brake pedal, you know it is time to service your brake system. When you hear shimmying in a gearbox or the smell of burning oil, you know your transmission system needs repair. Therefore, how do you know it is time to align your car tyres? Most car owners do not know the answer to this question because wheel alignment is not a regular maintenance item on most people's checklist. [Read More]