Tires and Wheels: Balancing Speed and Style

Why Riding on Correctly Aligned Wheels Is Very Important

Many car owners in Australia don't usually take their car to the mechanic shop for wheel alignment as required because they are oblivious to the importance of such service. Wheel alignment service is one of the car services you should not skip, as the implications can be more severe than you had imagined. Here is a breakdown of why your car's wheels should be in proper alignment at all times.

To maintain safety on the road

Keeping safe should be your number-one priority every time you are on the roads. In this regard, it is never a good move to travel in a car that has misaligned wheels, no matter how minor the problem might be. This is because wheel alignment problems tend to exacerbate with every pothole you hit, speed bump you pass over and/or kerb you hit. 

Plus, misaligned wheels may cause your vehicle to pull to one side of the road when you are trying to stay on your lane. This puts you, your passengers and other road users, including motorists and pedestrians, at risk of getting hurt or even dying should an accident happen. If you suspect that your wheels have been thrown out of alignment, do not take any chances – let your mechanic know about the problem immediately!

To lengthen the lifespan of your tyres

In spite of the fact that wheels and tyres are both part of the vehicle suspension and steering system, many car owners out there are still unaware that there is a correlation between wheel alignment and tyre life. Wheels that have been thrown out of alignment tend to offer greater resistance against the road surface, but it is the tyres that suffer, as they are constantly in contact with the road. This can lead to irregular wear and tear of tyres, which in turn, results in premature tyre replacements. The best way to ensure you get the most service life from your tyres is to keep the wheels properly aligned at all times.

To improve fuel economy

It is not just your tyres that will suffer when you travel on misaligned wheels, but you will also need to pay more at the gas filling station since your car will be using up more fuel as it runs harder to counter the resistance it encounters as the wheels and tyres are rotating against the road surface.

Now that you have a better understanding of why car wheel alignment service is so important, make sure you take your car to a qualified mechanic for wheel alignment as required.