Tires and Wheels: Balancing Speed and Style

Why Earthmoving Tyres Are Such a Big Investment

Earthmoving equipment can be gargantuan in size and the wheels on such a vehicle can often be bigger than a medium-sized truck. It can, therefore, cost a great deal of money to keep these vehicles in good condition and especially as they work in a very rough-and-tumble environment. If you're in charge of not just keeping this equipment online but satisfying a stringent budget, you will be paying particular attention to those tyres. As they will wear out and require a replacement at some stage close scrutiny is definitely needed, but what do you have to think about?

Extended Use

A number of tyre manufacturers make products for this industry and they put a lot of engineering work, thought and design into their build. Each tyre will be made for a specific vehicle, but before any type is selected, it's important to analyse the end-use of the tyre. If the right type of tyre is picked for the correct job and is well looked after, it can last quite a bit longer than it would have, and this can represent a huge cash saving. Furthermore, the right tyre will lead to better performance and a lower fuel bill as well.

Different Categories

Earthmoving tyres represent a completely different type of product and, broadly speaking, they are split into various categories. On the lower end of the scale are tyres that are designed for dozers, graders or compactors and which may be applicable for highway use. Each tyre will have a different construction and tread pattern, and some may have no tread all. These are useful if the site in question is very hard, compact or smooth. Others will be made to work in very wet or soft conditions and have a completely different make-up.

Highly Specific

Most car owners understand that any tyre they may buy will be built for all types of driver and all types of road condition. This is definitely not the case here, however, and the project manager must first analyse the job in question and the behaviour of each individual driver. After all, they will need to choose a very different type of tyre if the job site is very restricted or the driver tends to approach his or her task from a specific angle.

Careful Selection

When care is taken to take all of these factors into consideration, the tyre budget can be kept within reason and the job can go ahead as efficiently as possible. For more information on tyres, you can visit a tyre shop in your area.